Issue 1, 2019
In this edition of The Site Report, our construction law e-newsletter, we cover a variety of issues affecting our clients and the industry right now. As with each issue, we encourage you to let us know if there are topics you would like us to discuss in future editions.
We have also listed legal events happening in the near future. We have outlined those below and look forward to connecting with folks.
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 A Case to Watch: Brayman v. Westfield Insurance

Pennsylvania law suggests construction defects generally are not considered an "occurrence" under most CGL insurance policies because defects are not true accidents, e.g., a fortuitous event. However, an exception generally exists for products-related claims as opposed to pure defect claims.
A recent case in the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania may narrow the distinction between product and non-product insurance coverage claims related to construction projects.

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 Indemnification Agreements and Insured Contracts - Yes, Your Business and/or Your Insurer Might Just Owe a Defense and Indemnity!

This article addresses potential issues and concerns, which may arise between general contractors, subcontractors and their insurers when claims by outside parties (also known as third-parties) may arise. This is a broad area of law, which varies from state to state. Spilman's Construction Practice Group, with its multi-jurisdictional capacity, is prepared to help your businesses navigate and address these state specific issues as they may arise.

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 North Carolina Senate Proposes Contractor Continuing Education Bill 
By Julian E. Neiser

The North Carolina Legislature recently introduced bills that would require licensed general contractors in that state to complete continuing education every year.
HB 162 and SB 55, entitled "Continuing Education for General Contractors," will require contractors to complete eight hours of continuing education each year as a condition to maintaining their license. Currently, North Carolina contractors in the electrical, plumbing, home inspection, engineering, and other trades are required to complete continuing education as a condition to holding a license.

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Legal Events

We will be attending this DRI event May 8-10. On May 8, we will be hosting the First-Time Attendee Reception and the Networking Reception. If you will be attending this seminar, please feel free to stop in at either reception and say hello.

Spilman's 2019 Charleston SuperVision Symposium

SuperVision™ is offered at no charge to our friends and clients who would benefit from education on labor and employment issues, including company CEOs, presidents, human resource directors, general operations managers and in-house counsel.

Our Charleston event will address the following cutting-edge labor and employment topics: conducting workplace investigations in the wake of backlash against the #MeToo movement; the ongoing challenge of employee accommodations; how to find and implement employee training that actually works; and best practices for emergency preparedness.

Invitations will be going out soon. Please let us know if you would like to be included.

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