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A Discussion with Dave Spigelmyer, President, Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC)

By Scott Rotruck, Director of Energy & Transportation Services (Morgantown)  

INTRODUCTION: Recently, Spilman's Director of Energy & Transportation Services, 

Scott Rotruck, interviewed David Spigelmyer, president of the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC). Prior to his appointment to the MSC, Spigelmyer has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in the oil & natural gas industry, including tenures with fully integrated utilities, purely exploration and production companies, midstream-focused companies, and has chaired industry trade associations including The West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association (WVONGA). Spigelmyer is a Pennsylvania native, an Eagle Scout, a proud grad of Penn State, an active sportsman and devoted family man.  

Rotruck: In October 2013, you were named the president of the MSC. With your extensive and diverse industry background, having seen so many challenges, as well as so many opportunities, what will be your top priorities?

Spigelmyer: The MSC is approximately 300 members strong, including producers, midstream companies and suppliers, who are guided in our work together by two key facts: (1) being the widespread economic and community development benefits of safe shale development across the footprint of shale and beyond and (2) being the historically validated fact that Pennsylvania, as is the case with other jurisdictions vying for investment, must remain attractive to capital long-term, have a skilled and educated workforce, and a strong regulatory regime conferring certainty of the rules of economic engagement.

Rotruck: It seems the general public has developed an awareness of shale development sufficient to be included in late-night comedy mentions about hydraulic fracturing, yet there is a yawning chasm between awareness and a true understanding - although polls do show good public support. Correct?

Spigelmyer: While public opinion polls routinely show a majority support shale development, advocacy groups opposing the work of our industry have a platform through traditional media and social media, which amplifies their voice many times their actual strength and number. This one-sided narrative, with an exaggerated projection of the number of adherents and the conviction of their message, must change and change quickly, if shale development, with its myriad benefits for so many Pennsylvanians, is to continue.  



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April Sees Record-Setting Gas Production
April was a record-breaking month for natural gas production. The average daily gas production was 63.7 billion cubic feet per day - up a half million cubic feet/ per day from the month before. 

April had six of the 10 highest days of production nationally.

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More Companies Exploring the Utica Shale in W.Va.'s Northern Panhandle
Oil and gas companies that came to West Virginia for Marcellus Shale drilling now also are exploring the Utica Shale - which lies under Marshall, Wetzel and Ohio counties. 

Companies such as Gastar Exploration, Stone Energy and Fossil Creek of Ohio are optimistic about the potential for Utica Shale gas.

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Marcellus Shale Gas and Pa. Steel - A Match Made in Heaven
One of the most important components needed for safe natural gas drilling is high-quality steel pipe. 
With the federal government now investigating illegal "dumping" of key manufactured products by foreign companies, there is hope that Pennsylvania steel can profit from this booming industry.
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Gov. Corbett Issues Executive Order Modifying Rules Covering Restricted Drilling in State Parks and Forests

Gov. Tom Corbett has issued an executive order allowing additional gas leasing in state parks and forests - so long as it does not result in "additional long-term surface disturbance." The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, which controls the property, will determine if the mineral rights are available for exploration.


Related to this announcement, Gov. Corbett's proposed budget includes $75 million in new revenue from additional leases of state-owned mineral rights.

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Shale Team Member
Scott Rotruck, Director of Energy & Transportation Services (Morgantown)
Mr. Rotruck is a key leader of our Government Relations, Energy and Shale Gas Practice Groups. He provides essential services for our energy clients such as consulting with a wide variety of businesses related to the energy and natural gas industry; developing and overseeing implementation of energy-centric strategies; providing strategic market analysis, connectivity and market-entry assistance to businesses in the energy and natural gas industry; providing client representation, monitoring, reporting and liaison with trade groups and industry associations; serving energy and natural gas industry clients with federal, state and local government relations assistance; and engaging with communities and community leaders on behalf of energy and natural gas industry clients where they currently operate or aspire to do business. Mr. Rotruck has more than 35 years of experience in the natural gas, railroad and coal industries; higher education; and business development.
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