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In an era of the vanishing jury trial, litigants are too often left without the services of a skilled trial lawyer when they find themselves in the courtroom. Because of this, opposing parties have been able to leverage that inexperience into record settlement values or jury verdicts.

Spilman’s Litigation Department recognized a growing trend – clients were turning to us more and more to represent them in matters where the opponent felt they had all the leverage. Plaintiffs were looking for favorable jurisdictions and willing to try cases both in the press and the courtroom. As a result, we were handling more and more high-risk, complex litigation cases. Plaintiffs' demands meant reasonable settlements would be hard to reach and everyone had to prepare for trial.

Our litigation strike force, The Battle Group, was created for the express purpose of handling these cases that brought the media spotlight as well as a likely trial in the future. The Battle Group approach is to create efficient teams of focused and experienced professionals, including civil and criminal trial lawyers, public advocacy professionals, government relations and regulatory compliance professionals, and an array of others, to attack a case while providing extraordinary value. These teams advise clients on civil and criminal litigation and trial strategy, market impact, media relations, and relevant governmental and regulatory processes--every related area of consequence to the business. Our team coordinates across an array of disciplines to help deliver innovative solutions to bet-the-company risks. For more information on these disciplines, including primary contacts, click here.

We put balance back into the legal process by providing our clients with the advantages of seasoned trial lawyers. Historically, Spilman has averaged 10 trials a year. The Battle Group’s leading trial attorneys aim to go to trial or otherwise achieve business and legal victory--however the individual client defines it. Our lawyers are not only capable, but willing to share the risks of a jury trial. Due to our vast experience in trial and with discovery in intense cases, The Battle Group is able to explore alternative and creative fee arrangements with clients, including flat fees, value-based fees and reverse contingency fees.

Because of our regional footprint, The Battle Group has often been asked to participate in cutting-edge cases in many areas of the law. As a result, our attorneys and staff have been instrumental in developing e-discovery standards in various jurisdictions. We have an established, dedicated team of legal and information technology professionals that allows us to efficiently assist with all aspects of discovery, including electronic discovery demands.

With our rare combination of experienced trial lawyers, litigation and discovery managers, and a controlled rate structure, plus our unique multi-disciplinary team approach, The Battle Group delivers best-in-class litigation services.

For more information regarding The Battle Group, contact:

Niall A. Paul

Clifford F. Kinney, Jr.

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