Spilman Way expect DIFFERENT

The Spilman Way of Client Care

Understanding that our value is in the experience our clients receive, we believe in a client-first philosophy—selfless, hands-on, relentless and collaborative—and we have codified that philosophy as promise to our clients. From Spilman, you can expect a higher return on the relationship. You can expect different.
We understand that constant communication is the key to achieving the right result – “no surprises.”
  • The Spilman Way: We always strive to exceed expectations.
We are committed to engaging in proactive and unsolicited outreach and visits.
  • The Spilman Way: We will “go the extra mile” to inform and develop relationships.
We know the importance of immediately responding to every client request, question or inquiry.
  • The Spilman Way:  We promise to be exceedingly prompt and responsive.
We never take any relationship for granted. 
  • The Spilman Way: We focus on being proactive and not resting on our laurels.
We pride ourselves in taking the time to have a clear and deep understanding of our clients' businesses.
  • The Spilman Way: We understand our clients' strategic business goals.
When presented with challenges, we offer real solutions and alternatives—more than just risk analysis. 
  • The Spilman Way: We are fully vested in solving your business and legal problems to grow and protect your business.
We strive to build personal relationships.
  • The Spilman Way: We want to personally know our clients (who they are, what they need and what they care about).
We focus on "value-added" services and out-of-the-box alternative pricing.
  • The Spilman Way: We think creatively.
We never settle for anything less than “A+” work product.
  • The Spilman Way: We look to deliver impeccable work, always.