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North Carolina SuperVision: Bet-the-Company Issues in Today's Scrutinized Workforce
Friday September 07, 2018 8:00 AM TO
Friday September 07, 2018 4:30 PM

The Grandover 
1000 Club Road
Greensboro, NC 27407

April Bias
Marketing Specialist

Media outlets are increasingly focused on the workplace. The headlines are unrelenting: "#MeToo," "workplace violence," "gender pay equity," "large jury verdicts," "ethics complaints," and they haven't slowed down. How do you manage your workforce when faced with this increased scrutiny?
This year, Spilman SuperVision™ will address best practices for handling bet-the-company HR compliance issues in the age of heightened media coverage, including:
  • Sexual misconduct allegations
  • Corporate internal investigations
  • Gender pay equity
  • Lessons learned by employee claims and verdicts
  • And more!
Join us for a lunch and learn to discuss labor and employment law hot topics.

SuperVision™ is offered at no charge to our friends and clients who would benefit from education on labor and employment issues, including company CEOs, presidents, human resource directors, general operations managers and in-house counsel.



8:00 AM - Registration

8:30 AM - Welcome and Introduction

8:45 AM - The Ethics Hotline: Best Practices for Conducting Internal Investigations
The stakes are high when a company’s reputation is at risk. A poorly conducted internal investigation can leave a company vulnerable to potential litigation. During this session, we will discuss best practices for ethical complaint intake, structuring an investigation, complaint resolution and how to evaluate the effectiveness of the complaint process.

9:45 AM - Break

10:00 AM - Covering All the Staffing Bases: The Right Way to Fill Short-(and Long)-Term Employment Needs
Finding talent can prove to be challenging, especially when your company is short-staffed and has deadlines to meet. Often third party agencies or consultants can help companies fill their short-term and long-term employment needs; but what should you expect when problems arise from temporary employees and how can you best plan to mitigate risk associated with them? During this session, we will discuss best practices for filling temporary staffing needs & things to consider while using a third party staffing agency.

11:00 AM - #MeToo: Workplace Harassment in the Post-Weinstein Era
Over the past year, stories of sexual harassment in the workplace have been exposed and many companies are being held responsible for the way they handled sexual harassment accusations. During this session, learn best practices for coordinating an immediate and effective comprehensive approach to handling allegations of severe sexual misconduct at the very highest levels of the organization.

12:00 PM - Lunch & Learn

1:15 PM - Best-in-Class Employment Practices and Compliance from Lessons Learned by Employee Claims and Verdicts
Seemingly minor issues with your employment practices and policies can easily transform into major problems, including employee claims, lawsuits, and possibly adverse trial verdicts.  This session will focus on developing best practices to keep employees in the workplace, and away from the courthouse. 

2:15 PM - Break

2:30 PM - Gender Equity: Being Part of the Solution Before You are Called Part of the Problem
Gender equity remains a focus of federal agencies as well as the news media.  As an employer, your obligation to provide an equitable workplace for men and women extends not just to compliance with the law, but with staying in the good graces of an accusing internet world that does not sleep.  This session is designed to help you know how to review your current business situation, including pay, to know where you stand, defend against any claims of unfair treatment and how to adapt so that you can become a leader in this area.

3:30 PM - Mock Trial
We will put what we have learned in the program into practice through a series of illustrative mock trial vignettes.  We will compare and contrast the best practice approaches with other approaches in a live mock trial setting so that you can walk away from our event with a theoretical, practical and demonstrative understanding of legal quandaries with which companies are faced.

4:30 PM - Adjourn
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