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Spilman Thomas & Battle, PLLC was very active during the West Virginia Legislative session on behalf of the natural gas industry regarding interest in the above referenced bill that was introduced in reaction to a chemical spill that occurred on the second day of the 60-day session. 

On Saturday evening, March 8, the West Virginia Legislature passed Senate Bill 373, which establishes a broad array of new regulatory requirements that will impact businesses and individuals across the state.

The bill is now awaiting Governor Tomblin's signature.

Certain aspects of this legislation will directly affect oil and gas operations.

Please click here to view a pdf of the complete summary.


If you have any questions regarding SB 373, please contact:
Allyn G. Turner, (304) 340-3856, aturner@spilmanlaw.com
Mark D. Clark, (304) 340-3876, mclark@spilmanlaw.com
M. Katherine Crockett, (304) 340-3832, kcrockett@spilmanlaw.com




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