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Meet Your Deadlines: West Virginia AST Act Challenges
November 09, 2014
Spilman attorneys David L. Yaussy, M. Katherine Crockett and Mark D. Clark, whose practices focus on general environmental law, shale gas matters, environmental administrative appeals and civil environmental litigation, discuss the challenges and deadlines of West Virginia's AST Act.

Nov. 7, 2014: Latest AST Developments
Sept. 9, 2014: AST Act Rough Draft Emergency Rule Out for Comment
Feb. 4, 2015: AST Act Update – Statutory Amendment Introduced
Sept. 2, 2015: WVDEP Files “Agency Approved” Rules for Horizontal Well Dev. & AST
Jul. 6, 2016: The Final Above Ground Storage Tank & Horizontal Well Rules  
Aug. 9, 2016: West Virginia Aboveground Storage Tank Act Becomes Effective  
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