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COVID-19 Return-to-Work Legal and Business Guidance: Development of a Customized "Playbook"
May 05, 2020
Our COVID-19 Task Force stands ready to assist with developing your customized "return to work playbook" for helping your business return to the new normal.
Below are a few recent articles Spilman has published, along with a link to a recent webinar.
If you need additional or specific guidance with:   
  • Ongoing assistance with review of government reopening orders (state, federal, and local);
  • Legal drafting or review of COVID-19 return-to-work policies, protocols, and procedures (including assistance with navigating EEOC, OSHA, or other federal, state or local employment laws and regulations);
  • Advice and business counsel on complex return-to-work employment and labor law issues;
  • Advice and business counsel on return-to-work OSHA/workplace safety law issues; or
  • Assistance with drafting a customized "playbook" dealing with all aspects of reopening your business.
Please reach out to any of Spilman's COVID-19 Labor, Employment & Safety Law Task Force members below:
Labor & Employment Law Eric W. Iskra