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Tom Brady's Intellectual Property Portfolio is Growing
June 10, 2019
Tom Brady, and/or his agent, have been very active in the intellectual property area, filing for trademark protection on marks for TB12 and TOM TERRIFIC. TB12 was officially owned by Yee & Dubin Sports LLC, Brady's agent, and more recently assigned to TEB CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, INC., which also owns the TOM TERRIFIC trademark applications. 
In all, there are 36 pending or registered marks for TB12, and two applications for TOM TERRIFIC. That is a significant portfolio of marks, presumably in preparation for a trademark licensing career after sports for Brady. 
The goods and services associated with the TB12 marks include a panoply of products, such as sleepwear, athletic wear, specific attire, kettle bells, jump ropes, and even medicine balls or a meal kits with fresh fruits and organic seeds. All of which may be purchased on Brady's website at 
Don't expect sales in Pittsburgh to be very brisk, but BR7 could be coming soon!

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