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North Carolina Gearing Up for Major Road Improvement Projects
May 18, 2015

Few things shout “economic development” louder than substantial road improvement projects. For Division 9 of the North Carolina Department of Transportation (“NCDOT”), many more developments are underway. The Winston-Salem Northern Beltway (“Northern Beltway”) is currently under construction. The Northern Beltway is a multi-lane freeway that will loop around the northern part of Winston-Salem, and is divided into two sections. The “Western Section” will run from U.S. 158 to U.S. 52 and is referenced by NCDOT as “State Transportation Improvement Program Project R-2247.” The “Eastern Section” will run from U.S. 52 to U.S. 311, and will eventually be part of Interstate 74. The Eastern Section is referenced by NCDOT as “STIP Project U-2579.”

Click here to see the Project Map.

Construction has begun on the Eastern Section thanks to Grant Anticipation Revenue, or GARVEE bonds, that allowed the NCDOT to borrow against future Federal funds for the interstate. NCDOT has posted detailed background information and project updates on its website. STIP Project u-2579 is scheduled to be completed by December 2018.

Contractors who are or will be bidding on various aspects of the Northern Beltway should familiarize themselves with the 2012 NC DOT Standard Specifications relevant to their part of the project,as well as Project Specifications. Contractors should also be sure to carefully read their subcontracts, making sure they understand payment terms, insurance requirements, employment law requirements, and their expected scope of work before any work begins. Clear communications between Subcontractors and the Contractor are essential to ensure timely and accurate completion of each part of the project at agreed upon prices.

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