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Spilman’s white collar criminal defense team, based in offices in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina, draws on a wealth of experience to advise individuals and companies facing criminal, civil or regulatory investigations in federal and state court. Our attorneys include a former United States Attorney, former federal and state prosecutors, and a former police officer. Through their experience spearheading many criminal investigations, these lawyers are able to anticipate the direction of investigations and analyze how to handle government inquiries. This experience can be crucial to a company in the aftermath of a catastrophic event that will trigger government inquiries through subpoenas, onsite inspections and employee interviews.

Spilman white collar criminal defense attorneys also conduct internal investigations for companies concerned with employee theft or other misconduct and maintain an excellent liaison network with law enforcement. Our goal when responding to subpoenas from the government or while conducting internal corporate investigations is to keep disruptions to both your company operations and your personal life to a minimum. Knowing whether or how to respond to law enforcement and orchestrating that contact is one of our strong suits.

In this era of increased regulations affecting energy companies, financial institutions, health care providers and tax preparers, it is more important than ever to have the guidance of a trusted legal advisor. Our recent experience in white collar criminal defense and compliance in the Appalachian region includes the following:
  • Internal investigations for companies affected by major employee theft
  • Representing companies and individuals in EPA Clean Water Act cases
  • Representing individuals faced with IRS inquiry for employment taxes, personal tax liabilities and trust fund issues
  • Advising financial institutions on employee matters and cooperation with federal inquiry
  • Representing doctors in allegations of overbilling of Medicare/Medicaid and False Claims Act cases
  • Obtaining Sentencing Guidelines departure to probation in white collar case
  • Appearing with and counseling individuals for interviews with law enforcement agents investigating program fraud, environmental crimes and false filings
  • Coordinating contact with law enforcement for companies victimized by theft to ensure recovery through restitution and forfeiture
  • Representing individuals served with grand jury and administrative subpoenas requiring testimony or document production
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