Spilman’s Litigation Department recognized a growing trend – clients were turning to us more and more to handle high-risk, complex litigation cases. As a result, our litigation strike force, The Battle Group, was created with the purpose of handling cases that could head for trial, offering superior experience and technical support. The Battle Group creates efficient teams of focused litigators to attack a case while providing extraordinary value.

In an era where many talk of the vanishing jury trial, most litigants are left without the services of a skilled trial lawyer when they actually find themselves in front of a jury. Because of this, opposing parties have been able to leverage inexperience into record settlement values.

We put balance back into the legal process by providing our clients the advantages of seasoned trial lawyers. We have assembled a group of lawyers who are not only capable, but are willing to share the risks of a jury trial. Over the past several years, Spilman has averaged 10 trials a year, and The Battle Group’s leading trial attorneys go to trial at least once or twice a year.

We utilize the innovative strategic case assessment process to determine the trial theme for the case, usually within 90 days of the complaint being filed. This process allows the client to make an early judgment regarding resolution of the case through an alternative dispute mechanism or jury trial.

Due to our experience in trial and with discovery-intense cases, The Battle Group is able to explore alternative and creative fee arrangements. This reflects our commitment to value and willingness to share the risk with our clients.

Because of our regional footprint, The Battle Group has often been asked to participate in cutting-edge cases and, as a result, our attorneys and staff have been instrumental in developing e-discovery standards in various jurisdictions. We have an established, dedicated team of legal professionals and information technology professionals that allows us to efficiently assist with all aspects of discovery, including electronic discovery demands.

The firm has successfully tried numerous cases to verdict in various jurisdictions and legal forums, including cases in virtually every substantive area of the law, including antitrust, appellate, asbestos, banking, bankruptcy, commercial and business litigation, condemnation, construction, creditors’ rights and foreclosures, environmental, federal black lung, health care, insurance, intellectual property, labor and employment, medical monitoring, personal injury, product liability, Public Service Commission, real estate, shareholder and partnership disputes, tobacco, toxic tort, white collar crime, and workers’ compensation.

With our rare combination of experienced trial lawyers, experienced litigation and discovery managers, and our controlled rate structure, The Battle Group delivers best-in-class litigation services.

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