The public finance practice at Spilman reflects extensive experience in all types of taxable and tax-exempt governmental financing of public and private facilities.

We have experience in the roles of bond counsel, underwriter’s counsel, issuer’s counsel, user’s counsel, trustee’s counsel, letter of credit issuer’s counsel, insurer’s counsel and related roles. We have been involved in financings for a wide variety of public and private projects, including:

  • Health care facilities
  • Solid waste facilities
  • Airports
  • Educational facilities
  • Recreational facilities
  • Parking facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Sewer and waste water facilities
  • Drinking water facilities
  • Electrical generating facilities
Spilman’s experience includes general obligation and revenue bonds at the state level, as well as municipalities and public service districts. Our attorneys can address the spectrum of legal issues that arise in public finance transactions, including “private use” limitations and constitutional issues. We also are experienced in handling tax-exempt financings for private corporations, and we understand the constitutional and statutory restrictions associated with those financings.

True to the team approach used by all of the practice groups in our firm, the Public Finance Group works closely with firm attorneys who focus their practices in other areas of law. For example, we collaborate frequently with our lawyers who focus on economic development, real estate law, environmental law, public utility law, hospital law, securities law and other disciplines as required. Our knowledge in these other areas allows us to assist clients in meeting project objectives and evaluating alternative structures.

Our experience allows us to respond quickly and effectively to develop creative solutions in taxable and tax-exempt public finance.

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