Multi-million dollar verdicts and continual efforts to stop tort reform in the state legislature have made the product liability area an ever-increasing risk to manufacturers, distributors and sellers of products. Spilman has represented clients in both state and federal courts, defending products such as motorcycles, pharmaceuticals, guns, medical devices, breast implants, infant mattresses, uterine monitors, construction equipment, and a variety of industrial and consumer products.

In addition, we have one of the largest asbestos defense practices in West Virginia and have successfully taken several consolidated matters to trial. The firm’s extensive litigation and trial work has resulted in an experienced team of litigators respected by both the plaintiffs’ bar and the courts.

In an era where citizens are quick to file lawsuits, the firm takes active steps to protect its clients’ interests by championing efforts for tort reform. We have lobbied for the enactment of legislation to slow the proliferation of civil actions filed in our state courts and to place reasonable limits on damages.

In addition, our presence during the legislative session enables us to remain abreast of legislative issues, which, combined with our litigation experience, allows us to provide truly comprehensive service to our clients.

Our typical litigation team includes one or more members and one or more associates, as well as paralegals and other staff. Because our litigation teams are usually involved from the filing of the lawsuit to its resolution, the firm provides the highest quality of work in the most cost-effective manner.

Whether it is aggressively providing a defense to a product liability lawsuit or advocating progress through tort reform in the legislature, Spilman Thomas & Battle offers comprehensive legal representation of clients in the field of product liability.

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