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From its beginnings 150 years ago in West Virginia, where natural resources have historically played a significant role in the state’s economy, Spilman has worked with numerous oil and natural gas producers, gas and electric utilities, power suppliers, energy user groups, and coal suppliers. Over the years this work has given us a deep understanding of the energy industry. Through that experience, we have developed a comprehensive, detail-driven title examination process to provide clients with the essential information they need to maximize their mineral assets.

Spilman has extensive experience in curative actions and possesses broad experience in evaluating the litigation potential of both general title defects and of defects particular to oil and gas titles. Most importantly, we understand that each defect in each title must be given special consideration. Whether to utilize a quitclaim deed, curative lease or to seek a judicial remedy, the degree of curative action and the proper tool to implement is sometimes unclear. Spilman can capitalize on its experience and prudent judgment to advise on a proper balance between care and economy in curative decisions.

We can provide you with advice, counseling and representation in all aspects of oil and gas contracts and assist you in clearing title problems, gaps, probate and heirship determinations. In addition, Spilman is capable and ready to vigorously pursue your litigation needs, such as partition suit actions, to provide the assurances you require in operational rights. Take advantage of our skills and years of title experience to secure a title opinion that contains the information you need to make proper business decisions.
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