Insurance Coverage & Bad Faith

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Most of the cases in which our firm directly represents insurers are either coverage disputes or bad faith lawsuits.

These types of cases pose a substantial risk to insurers in West Virginia. Due to the existence of a private cause of action against insurers under the West Virginia Unfair Trade Practices Act, insurers face a unique challenge when litigating bad faith claims in our state. Likewise, West Virginia law contains a number of pitfalls for an insurer choosing to litigate a coverage dispute in our state. We are dedicated to guiding insurers through this maze of potential liability to achieve the best result possible.

Our direct representation of insurers has included coverage and bad faith litigation involving the following lines of coverage:

  • Marine insurance
  • Governmental and municipal entities liability coverage
  • Contractors' general commercial liability coverage
  • Automobile insurance
  • Pharmaceutical liability
  • Commercial transportation
  • Employment practices liability
  • Health care practice liability
  • Child care liability
  • Major medical health insurance
  • Utility liability
  • Asbestos exposure liability
Successfully defending cases in West Virginia requires knowledge of, and experience with, our state and federal court systems, judicial officers and jury pools.

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