Spilman's clientele may range from small businesses to local governments to multi-national corporations, but most of our clients have one thing in common – they are operating and seeking to thrive in a business environment that is becoming increasingly reliant on digital communications and the electronic maintenance of business records. In fact, one would be hard-pressed to identify a recent business transaction that did not involve some electronic component, whether it entailed the electronic transfer of funds, the use of a word processor to prepare a contract or electronically-maintained logs of consumer complaints.

Recognizing both the overwhelming risks that come with the mismanagement of electronically-stored information and the opportunities that exist for those who have a sophisticated understanding of the same, Spilman attorneys have devoted an increasing amount of attention to the developing area of e-discovery. Specifically, our clients can expect Spilman litigators to:
  • Advise clients on data preservation obligations and provide tailored, proportionate and defensible preservation processes;
  • Conduct an early data assessment that provides insight into the relevant facts, witnesses and appropriate strategy for a case;
  • Coordinate and implement a defensible plan for the collection, processing, review and production of electronically-stored information; and
  • Secure the production of opposing parties' electronically-stored information in a usable format that will allow for the authentication of collected data.
Although Spilman's entire litigation department is versed in the risks and opportunities presented by e-discovery, a number of Spilman litigators continually focus significant time and energy to this rapidly-developing area of law and to shaping related policy at the state and federal levels. Thus, we formed the E-Discovery Practice Group to concentrate the efforts of these like-minded attorneys in the pursuit of delivering excellent service when it comes to electronic discovery and related matters.

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