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The firm represents former manufacturers of asbestos-containing products in product liability actions and entities sued for premises liability. Our asbestos litigation experience includes state and federal courts and federal multi-district litigation. We have been engaged in this practice for more than 20 years.

Few jurisdictions in the country are as active in asbestos litigation as West Virginia. Plaintiffs have pursued cases in various formats, including single and multiple-plaintiff actions on the issues of liability and damages, and “mass” plaintiff (consolidated cases) in which issues of liability and damages are bifurcated for trial. To remain at the forefront of the litigation, the firm frequently serves as liaison counsel for the defendants in mass consolidation cases. To facilitate our role as liaison counsel, the firm maintains a library of depositions and summaries, which allows attorneys and paralegals to access pertinent information for case assessment.

In addition, we have established secure computer links to ensure complete and consistent communication with our clients. Our efforts to streamline the asbestos defense practice and serve as liaison counsel has resulted in a proficient, well-trusted and efficient defense team.

The firm’s commitment to asbestos defense litigation has resulted in:

  • Diverse experience in representing traditional and non-traditional defendants in product liability claims.
  • Efficient handling of files from filing of the complaint to resolution of the claim.
  • The establishment of detailed libraries designed to focus on specific product groups.
  • Autonomy in discovery matters.
  • Proficiency and efficiency in conducting discovery and evidentiary depositions.
  • The organization of expert witness databases.
  • Experience in state court removal practice.
  • Flexibility to provide immediate attention to our clients’ needs.
  • The trust and respect of the court, our fellow defense counsel, and plaintiffs’ counsel.
  • Successful resolution of mass consolidation claims.
In short, Spilman provides comprehensive, highly proficient representation of clients in asbestos products liability and premises liability.

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