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Pennsylvania Continues to Export More Than Most

Spilman Ingots 02 Mar 2015 | 3:12 PM

In 2014, Pennsylvania exported $40.2 billion worth of merchandise. While this is down slightly from 2013 – 2.2 percent, the Commonwealth remains one of the Unites States’ top exporting states. The U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration ranks each … Continue reading

Looking to Work for a Startup? Look to Pittsburgh

Spilman Ingots 16 Feb 2015 | 3:10 PM

According to the latest study from ZipRecruiter.com, a site that analyzes job and recruitment data, Pittsburgh is highly ranked as a great location for startup businesses. Pittsburgh ranks at number 17 – ahead of other major metropolitan cities such as … Continue reading

Pittsburgh’s Advanced Industries Contributed Billions to the Economy in 2013

Spilman Ingots 05 Feb 2015 | 2:19 PM

According to the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program, Pittsburgh’s advanced industries had a big impact on the economy in 2013. Pittsburgh’s output contributed about $18.2 billion to the economy, placing it number 26 out of the 100 largest metro areas … Continue reading

Top Legal Issues for European Clients Targeting a U.S. Acquisition

Spilman Ingots 19 Jan 2015 | 3:20 PM

By: James Baldwin, Counsel, Spilman, Thomas & Battle Ron Schuler, Member in Charge, Pittsburgh Office, Spilman Thomas & Battle Sara Mansuri, Corporate attorney and former chair of the International Business Transactions Subcommittee, the International Law Committee, at the New York City … Continue reading

What Are The Top 10 Destinations for Pittsburgh-Made Goods? The Answers May Surprise You

Spilman Ingots 06 Jan 2015 | 3:06 PM

According to the Brookings Institute, Pittsburgh ranks number 39 out of the top 100 metro cities in the United States for exports. It’s no surprise that steel is the number one export for the Steel City. What may be surprising is … Continue reading

Who is Number 2 in New College Ranking for Large Cities?

Spilman Ingots 22 Dec 2014 | 3:13 PM

Wallethub.com has ranked Pittsburgh as one of the top 25 best “college towns” and number 2 for larger cities in the United States. The rankings were based on financial or “wallet wellness,” “youth oriented environment,” and “opportunities.” Other Pennsylvania cities included in … Continue reading

Member in Charge of Pittsburgh Office Presents The Steel Bar at the ACC

Spilman Ingots 04 Dec 2014 | 3:42 PM

Ron Schuler, Member in Charge of the Pittsburgh office, recently gave a presentation on “The Steel Bar: ‘In-House Lawyers’ in Pittsburgh – History and Ethics,” with special guest Jerry Richey, general counsel of the University of Pittsburgh, to the Pittsburgh chapter … Continue reading

Spilman a Proud Participant in of the Corridors of Opportunity Event

Spilman Ingots 24 Nov 2014 | 2:12 PM

Recently, The Pittsburgh Business Times held a Corridors of Opportunity event for Steubenville and Jefferson County, Ohio. David L. Robertson, Counsel in our Pittsburgh office, attended to learn more about economic opportunities and issues facing this region of Ohio. We … Continue reading

Young Entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh Doing Well

Spilman Ingots 20 Nov 2014 | 1:19 PM

NerdWallet, a consumer financial analysis firm, recently published a study that finds young entrepreneurs of all sectors in Pittsburgh have more opportunities at building a successful venture than those in many of the nation’s other cities. Pittsburgh was ranked 13th-best region in the … Continue reading

Pennsylvania Contributes to a Large Portion of the Nation’s Gas Supply

Spilman Ingots 03 Nov 2014 | 2:36 PM

Not only does Pennsylvania produce 20 percent of the national gas supply, but the Commonwealth also saw record production for the first six months of 2014. According to David Spigelmyer, president of the Marcellus Shale Coalition, unconventional wells in 2008 … Continue reading

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